Year 6 Homework - 2011

Year 6 Homework Expectations for 2011 

Homework for Year 6 this year is underway! Below are some guidelines to help you understand the process and expectations of homework each week. Please don't hesitate to see your child's class teacher or write a note if you have any queries or things you would like to discuss with regards to homework.

Why Do Homework?

Homework plays an important part in your child's development and aids in their learning. When your child reaches high school, there will be an expectation that they complete homework for a range of subject areas. They need to learn how to plan their week so they can have it all finished by a particular date. By issuing homework on Monday and having it due by Friday, it allows the students to try and develop a healthy habit of doling a bit each night to lessen the load, instead of always leaving it to the last minute. Academically, homework allows your child to revise subject areas being taught in class or previous concepts taught the year before. By completing spelling words and activities, it is ensuring they are learning 10 new words to spell every week.

What Content Is Addressed?

Each week there will be a range of areas that will be covered. These include:

  • spelling words and activities
  • reading/comprehension task
  • language/grammar/punctuation
  • a range of mathematical concepts
  • reading a book of their choice for at least 10 minutes each night

Please note that EVERY child in Year 6 only takes home 10 words to learn. These 10 words make up their personal list. Their personal list comprises only of words that they have either made mistakes on in previous tests and book work, or words they are unfamiliar with and have looked up to learn to spell. Every night, (Monday to Thursday) your child is expected to Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check their personal list. The words in their book on a Monday does not count as Monday's words. 

When Is Homework Due?

Homework will always be issued on a Monday (unless it is a public holiday/non school day) and due in on a Friday. It is important all students bring their homework book in on a Friday, as it is marked together in class. Their homework book also plays a vital role in their spelling test/dictation on a Friday as they are tested on their personal words as well as completing the dictation based on the set words in their quota list.


Thank you for taking the time to read about homework expectations and we hope you found this helpful.